CEO and owner of EugeniaChayeHair, JaLisa E. Vaughn is a graduate of Syracuse University, with a degree in Information Management & Technology, and is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native.

During JaLisa’s college career, she held various work-study positions, maintained her course grades, and balanced life, family, and friends at home. As she approached her sophomore year and amongst the latter responsibilities, JaLisa decided it was time to use her business skills and entrepreneurial mindset by launching and self-managing EugeniaChayeHair extensions.

Despite the amount of money from savings she would have to invest on the purchasing of hair, the countless number of vendors she would have to test out to reach the utmost quality for her customers, and the stress of upholding her studies and vigorous course-load, she still knew that giving up was not an option. With hard work, pursuance, and dedication, JaLisa excelled and exceeded her own expectations and those of others.

With luxury hair salons and extension stores limited, JaLisa’s goal was to provide her college-student customers — who, on most occasions, were on a budget — with premium hair, making them feel like a star on campus. EugeniaChayeHair blossomed and began serving women from all around the world, no matter the budget, divine, lush hair extensions!