How many ounces are there in each bundle?

In every bundle there are approximately 3.5 ounces of hair.

What color are the bundles?

No two bundles are exactly the same color. The hair varies from medium brown to off black.

How do I know how many bundles I will need for a full sew in?

14 -16 inches – 2 bundles

18 -24 inches – 3 bundles

26 + inches – 4 bundles

Can I dye the EugeniaChayeHair?

Any color can beobtained with the EugeniaChayeHair bundles.If you’re a first timer, using virgin hair and you’re apprehending of coloring it, then do take professional help. If you’re already experienced, then any box or professional color will conform to it. 

What Shipping Methods Are Available?


Where is the hair sourced?

We obtain our hair from a variety of different sources around the world.

How long does the hair last?

This is 100% human virgin hair and should last 9 months – 1 Year, with proper care. Processed hair doesn’t last as long as natural virgin hair.

Can I straighten the Deep Wave hair?

You can easily straighten, blow-dry, style or add more curls to your Deep Wave Hair, just like you do with your normal hair. Either flat iron it to get a silky straight hair or curl it further to add fullness to it.

How does the delivery process work?

Your order will be shipped to the address on your order. It’s important that you check your order for accuracy prior to finalizing and submitting payment. No refunds will be issued for refused or abandoned shipments.

Please note: we are not responsible for carrier delays due to Holidays or Weather.  We also do not ship to P.O. Boxes.

Is EugeniaChayeHair only for one ethinicity?

EugeniaChayeHair offers products for every ethnicity. Our premium hair looks great whether you are Black, White, Latina, Asian, etc… We have many customers from a wide variety of ethnicities who proudly wear our hair.

Photographs and client photos?

Photographs we post on social network sites such as Facebook and Instagram are used to showcase customer orders and hairstyles using EugeniaChayeHair. Different things such as lighting, use of flash, computer settings, or even customers modifying their own hair once received can give different appearances.


What Payment methods are frequent?

EugeniaChayeHair involves in PayPal secured payment method.


Does EugeniaChayeHair offer overnight shipping?

Overnight shipping is not offered under any circumstance.

How do I track my order?

Tracking information will be sent AFTER the 3rd business day.

Do you have a store? Can I pick up the hair?

There is no existing EugeniaChayeHair store. All hair must be shipped with the standard shipping options and rates.

How do I exchange or refund my hair?

Due to the sensitivity of the product, there will be no refunds or exchanges under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. No exceptions. 

Do you have a store? Can I pick up the hair?

There is no existing EugeniaChayeHair store. All hair must be shipped with the standard shipping options and rates.

How do I exchange or refund my EugeniaChayeHair product?

Because on the sensitivity and the fragileness of the product, we strictly do not entertain any kind of refund or exchange under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. No exceptions allowed.

How many bundles of EugeniaChayeHair do I need for a full sew-in?

Based on the style you want to possess, the length you decide, and the size of your head, a minimum amount of two bundles are required for a genuine look of a sew-in. In order to acquire a fuller look for your hair, 3 or more bundles will be required. If the hair length is more than 26 inches, then 4 bundles are required. Depending on the preference of the customer. 

What type of colors are available for the bundles of EugeniaChayeHair?

All bundles come in a natural brown color.

How long will EugeniaChayeHair last?

EugeniaChayeHair is absolutely 100% human virgin hair and thus should last between 9 months to 1 year. Natural virgin hair tends to last longer than the processed hair.

What are the available Shipping methods?

EugeniaChayeHair makes use of USPS (United States Post Services) priority shipping for a standard time of 3-5 or 5-7 days for the delivery.

Do you have a store? Can I pick up the product?

Eugenia Chaye Hair does not have the facility of a store. Hence, every product and order must be shipped to the required address with the standard shipping charges. 

How do I track my order?

After the completion of the 3rd business day, you will automatically receive the tracking information of your order.

Is EugeniaChayeHair for only one nationality?

Eugenia Chaye Hair provides hair products for every kind of ethnicity. Be it Eurasian, Malaysian, Indian, Latina, Asian or any other identity, EugeniaChayeHair products are suitable for all. Our varied customers using the products are a big example. 

How does the delivery procedure ensue?

As per your demand, the order will be shipped at the specified address. It’s of prior importance that you review the order before finalizing on the payment and delivering of the product. Any kind of refund against rejected or abandoned shipments are strictly not entertained.

Are there any client photographs?

Photographs that have been posted in social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, are used to display the customer orders and the hair styles provided by EugeniaChayeHair. 

Does EugeniaChayeHair attempts overnight shipping?

There are no facilities under any circumstance for overnight shipping. 

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